how it works

United Fresh is partnering with Exhibitor Invites to offer exhibitors a great pre-show marketing tool: a free customized email campaign! Use this tool to create your campaign using the three pre-made templates. You can send these emails to an unlimited number of your customers and prospects.

  • Send your customers customized emails, offering them a free Trade Show Expo Pass and a friendly reminder to stop by your booth during FreshTEC and FreshMKT
  • Upload your email lists to the bonded and licensed third-party email service, Global IntelliSystems. There is no limit to the size of your lists and they are 100% secure- they will not be shared with anyone, not even show management.
  • Your company name, logo, booth number, and customized messages are included as part of three separate HTML templates- you approve the message and schedule and United Fresh pays for the whole thing.
  • Company sign with logo

the benefits to you

Exhibitor Invites allows you to boost your exposure at the show, network with your customers, and market your booth before the show.

  • Email marketing is more timely than snail mail, easy to track, and more effective than other marketing methods. Exhibitors who used this program for United Fresh 2016 experienced 117% more booth traffic than exhibitors who did not.
  • Exhibitor Invites is a great way to boost awareness about your company, increase your ROI from the show, and help ensure that all your key customers and prospects attend FreshTEC/FreshMKT and visit your booth.


If you have questions about the Exhibitor Invites program, please contact Exhibitor Invites Specialist Keila Varner at 319-540-8523. If you have any problems using the system, please send an email to